Foster Communications

This page provides a summary of some of the solutions we have provided for our clients:

Migrate Traffic Accident Statistical Analysis Application based on a Clarion database to SQL Server with an intranet browser based user interface. Transform legacy data to new system with browser based user interface. Design and Develop COM+ web security objects to manage SQL Server connection.

Customize AS400/DB2/Net.Data dynamic web pages for accessing student schedules, grades and other administrative information. Extend Campus Web services with Graduate Tracking System to allow grad students to monitor their progress in fullfilling requirements to receive their advance degree. Create services on Campus Web for an Executive Information System to provide analysis of marketing/candidacy activity and results.

Intranet site analysis for large broadcast media organization  mid-project progress audit Oracle database IIS-ASP web site.

Prepare eCommerce Vision Scope document and Project Plan & Budget for 1 year staged intranet and customer service web site for commercial equipment leasing company.

Design and Develop COM DataHandler component to manage data services between SQL-Server data warehouse and ASP web pages through MS-Transaction Server.

Design and Develop generic program launcher using XML and custom COM components.

e-Commerce and content management web applications for ad agency clients including consumer products company, major paper company, and the agency's own web site.

Conceive, develop prototype, prepare and file patent for innovative e-Commerce application. Licensed to start-up company for exploitation.

Develop innovative system for delivering supplemental materials to accompany college textbooks on CD-ROM. System includes seven applications to perform tasks such as creating presentations with electronic images, multi-media files and video clips, Web based viewer for 300-1000 page Instructor's Manuals, application launchers, and resource viewers. Applications include user interfaces, with Window's help and setup files for distribution. Develop the tools to convert existing content resources for inclusion in the Instructor CD-ROM applications. Manage team of 4 developers to produce 150 Instructor CD-ROMS.

Develop estimating system called Project Planner to budget publishing projects. Enables editors with varying levels of experience to consistently apply accumulated business knowledge to the management of projects. This is a distributed client server application in use at seven locations throughout the country. I have provided five enhancement/updates since the system was introduced. In 2002 developed major expansion of system to include detals of electronic publishing products such as Websites and CD-ROMs.

Create the machine tool/ computer / laser video disc RS232 interface to synchronize video-disc playback to machine tool actions. Used in computerized turning center exhibit at 1998 International Machine Tool trade show in Chicago.

Convert MacIntosh version of Smith's Statistical Tools, to Windows. The Statistical Tools are a set of statistical functions for analyzing data.

Co-author the second edition of The Innovative Investor, a book and set of Excel stock and securities portfolio management tools, sold as a companion to college textbook, Investments, by Bodie from Irwin / McGraw-Hill.

Develop first CD-ROM version of Writer's Market 75th Edition for MacIntosh and Windows. Includes application for writer's to keep track of submissions to publishers, including rejections, publication dates and royalty payments; a search engine accesses more than 2500 "pages" of information about publishers.

Design and develop a client-server Sales Call Reporting System for use by multi-national chemical company. System permits network access from the office and in the field as well as stand alone operation in the field.

Manufacturing Process Documentation System integrating materials, parts, tooling equipment as well as the setup, process, maintenance and safety tasks involved in the manufacture of 30,000 pump parts and products.

Program computer based training lessons to train baby-Bell telephone company Customer Service Representatives how to use mainframe based order and circuit tracking systems .

Program Report Module for mainframe IDMS/ADSO database system to track jet engine part specifications.

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